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Being able to know that I have exactly what I need to wear — on my next panel, in my next pitch or for my next [rare!] vacation with my family — keeps me sane.

Amy Nelson // CEO of The Riveter


Armoire gives me the ability to wear something new every time, to always look put-together, approachable, and professional without having to be buying new outfits constantly.

Mona Das // WA State Senator


I am a busy, working mom and don't have time to do a lot for shopping. The shipping and return process is super easy and quick — two things I value greatly.

Angela Stowell // CEO of Farestart


I love the rush of excitement of getting new clothes. I get that *on demand* now feeling (without the buyer’s remorse and over-flooding closet).

It will honestly change your life. Fewer decisions, fewer waste, bigger style.

I get access to way more clothing and expertise than I had before. It's a way to try new clothes without a huge financial commitment and go a little bit outside of my fashion comfort zone.


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