Ramya Venkat: Embracing change

Here at Armoire, we're always inspired by the women in our community; women who embody passion, and poise. Whether at home, in the office or out on the road, these women exude confidence, embrace change, and take risks.  And they do it all with grace and style. 

That's why we're excited to introduce Ar-Memoirs, a series highlighting some of these amazing women in our community. We hope you enjoy and get a jolt of inspiration as well.  

Meet: Ramya Venkat
Profession: Business Development Manager at Dolby Labs
Where: Seattle, WA

Imagine leaving behind your friends and family, moving to another continent (or 2), and making a pretty dramatic career shift. That's exactly what Ramya Venkat did when she left behind everything she knew in Saudi Arabia, moved to India for her undergrad, and then continued continent exploring as she made her way Seattle for a colored career path. With an established background as a developer but a desire to do something different, she took a leap of faith, switched tracks and started business school. Today, she's at Dolby Laboratories (you know, the amazing audio guys) leading the effort to take the company's technologies into different areas and develop new partnerships. It's a big change from her previous life as a behind-the-scenes engineer. Constantly running from one client meeting to the next, every minute counts in her world, and it's important to her to stay on top of what she's doing (and yes, wearing) each day. 

We caught up with Ramya, one of our earliest customers, to get her take on getting ready for work, getting things done, and the one thing we all could use: getting back precious time.

My mornings...
"I wake up these days and I don’t have to think about having things in my closet, I don’t have to think about dry cleaning, it's great. With Armoire, I always have something that I can wear and head out the door."

My power piece…
"I wear a lot of Vince -- their tops and jackets always make me feel good. I also have a few pieces from Kate Kane that I love wearing whenever I feel like I'm getting ready for a critical day. They're very unique, custom pieces."

On shopping…
"I'm a pretty heavy shopper but since I started using Armoire, I haven't thought about going shopping. Instead, I'm using that time for better quality activities that are more engaging -- rock climbing with my husband, working out, cooking, reading. I'm more active and I'm in a more relaxed mental space."

10 minutes…
"I like reading the Wall Street Journal and catching up on the news. My latest pet project has been to listen to Alexa's flash briefings. And if I have more time, like a couple of hours, I'll take a barre class or go rock climbing."

On "GSD"  mode…
"Tackle the day head-on. Try to do the hardest thing in your day, the thing you're not looking forward to the most, first. It's really hard to do but if there's a lot to do, there are always a few things that are going to take longer. Get those done first and your to-do list becomes a lot more manageable."

Bosslady inspiration…
"The truth is I have so many amazing women in my life that I'm inspired by every day. That said, I had the privilege of seeing a close friend of mine, Kate Kane, start her amazing jewelry company. I'm constantly inspired by how she takes on the world and overcomes the grueling challenges of retail. She's definitely a super bosslady!"

What's next for you…
"A bit of the unknown. I've been so fortunate to have incredible experiences in my personal and professional life, and I realize a lot of that comes from taking risks and pushing myself to do things that are uncomfortable or uncertain. On that note, I'm making a change - first taking some time to travel to explore more of the world and myself, and then... we'll see where this next adventure takes me."

This is just the beginning… we’ll be highlighting more of the amazing women in our community. So stay tuned for more where this came from.

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