How to Downsize your Closet: Minimalist wardrobe tips


Spring in two words? Fresh feels! Spring is in the air, and I'm excited about trading cold-friendly jackets in favor of floral sundresses and easy rompers. I love spring cleaning! — said no one ever.

The good news is once you clean up your wardrobe, you can look forward to wearing only the styles you love. Wardrobe overhaul afflicts even the best of us — myself included before I met Armoire. But even if our closets are filled to the brim, we always gravitate towards the styles we truly feel great in.

So take a deep breath, pour yourself a glass of summery rosé, put on some peppy music and get to it! Here are five steps to get you started and some insider tips to help de-clutter your closet.

Remember — if you don’t feel good in something, that’s as good a reason as any to purge it.

Motivate yourself.

Yes, that is the first step! Begin on a happy note. This wardrobe detox is not a difficult one if you promise to reward yourself with some fresh style! Going rental-only can revolutionize your closet, keeping it clutter-free and perpetually stylish. With Armoire, you can constantly keep re-inventing yourselves. That to me, is the beauty of being a woman. You can be everything you are, and everything you want to be.

While you’re wardrobe plotting, here are a few fresh, new styles you can borrow as part of your Armoire membership:


Aakanksha's go-to's:


Victoria Beckham said it first, delicacy can be strong. Summer wouldn’t be summer without sorbet hues. This summer, look to adding pretty pastel tops and dresses to your closet.

Another big micro-trend: color-blocking your pastels! This one’s easy-breezy — pull out your favorite pastel top and bottom and wear them together, like a double serving of fresh gelato! Sicily lemon with a side of pistachio? Yes, please!


I love a checked shirt, white vest and denim-cut offs any day. It is the perfect, outdoorsy summer uniform and one I can’t get enough of!


There is a lot of ruffled loveliness to choose from in Armoire's collection. Ruffles add a soft, feminine touch to any look and a simple, extra flair on a bright day.

Power dressing

Mercury is rising, but that shouldn’t keep you away from looking sharp! And Armoire is all about female power! I love well-tailored dresses, pencil skirts, chic printed blouses and light jackets. Below are some summer formal looks, for those of you who like to mean business.


A little shimmer, shine and sparkle can go a long way. There is nothing like a short sequin dresses to jazz up sultry summer nights when you want to paint the town red.


1 // Edit, edit.

Now, let's get down to the actual cleaning. Begin with organizing your staples — these are your black leggings, nude heels, denim shirts, white shirts and everything else in that zone. Neatly stack, roll and hang these — the everyday heroes of your wardrobe, and note if you need to discard any worn out ones. Evaluate your entire closet and begin by making separate piles of items for donation, tailoring, etc.

2 // Store.

Once you do a deep closet cleanse, you will also find old items that you can wear it in a new way! At this step, store everything that you don’t need for the current season away. This means your winter classics: all the heavy duty jackets, hiking boots and trench coats can go to the very back of your closet. (Pro tip: Dry clean and seal in vacuum bags.)

Also, remember to keep transitional items like thin knits and easy sweaters accessible for chilly nights, or when the weather throws us a curveball (hello, climate change). No matter how gorgeous your down parka is or how cosy your camel coat is, you won’t need them until fall at the very least. Pack them up well so you can call em’ up again six months down the line!

3 // Recycle.

Purging things you don’t want anymore will make room for new clothing experiences, like Armoire. Imagine how much time you’ll save by only looking at pieces that you genuinely love, and knowing that it all fits perfectly.

One golden closet commandment is to bid adieu to the things you haven’t worn in over a year. Remember — if you don’t feel good in something, that’s as good a reason as any to donate it. Good reasons to discard an item are: it doesn’t fit, it is ratty or worn-out, or you simply don’t like it.

You can begin with basic piles of yes, no or maybe. There are of course some things you can store carefully for pure sentimental value — like that beloved cashmere sweater you wore on your first date with your now boyfriend-of-five-years.

Prepare to have a lot of what was I thinking?! moments. While you’re at it, feel free to take out the dated jeans that don’t suit you or those age-old Uggs too! For clothing that you don’t need anymore, give to your favorite local donation organization and know that your clutter is going to someone that needs it. Embrace the purge, and I promise that you’ll finish the cleanse feeling lighter and happier. This process can almost be cathartic, but it is self-reflective at the very least.

4 // Borrow!

Refresh. This has to be the best part ever. By now, you’re probably happy-high from that wine and in a zen state of mind from all the decluttering. Once you’re all done with the difficult bit, you can sit back and look at finally getting your dream closet —hello, unlimited fashion!

What are your spring cleaning tips? How do you keep your closet lean? I'd love to know!


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