Mixin' It Up!

With winter blues far in the rearview mirror, it’s time for our summer styles to have a bit of fun. One way to mix it up a bit? With one of the biggest spring-summer trends of the year: prints on prints on prints! Creating a mixed-pattern outfit is an interesting way to experiment with your look. Armoire really indulges in my love for zany prints, and I just can’t get enough! What’s a girl to do? I, for one, like to wear them all together!

Take a cue from your favorite fashion influencer and amp up the style quotient this summer. Olivia Palermo makes pattern-mixing look easy-peasy by teaming up classic prints, and It-Girl Chiara Ferragni pairs geometric prints oh-so effortlessly.  This fun trend can be a wee bit tricky, and too many prints can feel overwhelming. Not to worry, I’ve got a few tips to get you started.

Here are a few ways you can wear prints-on-prints like a pro…



Contrast with Scale

While small prints tend to work well together, too many large prints can feel dizzying. Two subtle prints come together well to create a stunning outfit. Add a beautiful tan or gold-accented belt to break up the outfit. If you want to wear a really bright or wild print, it’s usually a good idea to break it up with something more subtle for the best visual impact.



Stick to a color scheme

This is the golden rule of rocking a print-on-print look. The best way to marry two prints is a marriage of color. You can use varying intensities of the same color or different tones of the same family. So powder blues with electric cobalts? Or soft lilacs and rich plums?  Both winning combinations! Want to be daring and explore more? Find a common color and make it work!



Add some geometry

Checks, dots, and stripes are the holy trinity when it comes to pairing prints. The cherry on top, these basic prints are the perfect compliment to the more zany, eclectic, eye-catchers. Elevate your basic striped tee with a leopard-print skirt. Or pair your classic polka dot button-down, with beautiful floral printed pants. Geometric prints pair very well with each other, too. If you are wearing stripes - try pairing horizontal stripes with vertical ones. You could even try playing with the size of the print itself. A dress with teeny-tiny polka dots could be great with a headband with bigger dots. If you find a print you love, you can find one to compliment it!


Pair it with a third

Breaking up a few different prints with a neutral separate makes a cohesive look, and is a great way to balance out proportions and prints. White shirts, neutral tanks, solid turtlenecks, and denim or leather jackets are all great options. Pair your graphic printed pants with a white silk camisole, and then add a bold striped jacket to it. If you’re wearing a checked top with a paisley-printed skirt, add your favorite denim jacket to streamline the look.

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While there are some easy-breezy guidelines to mixing prints, in the end, rules are made to be broken! So be adventurous and have fun, and you might stumble upon your happy combination!

Get creative and don’t forget to tag @armoire.for.all on Instagram.  I’d love to see what you pull together!