Brittany Bergeron D.D.S. On Elevating Her Work Style & Confidence

Read on to learn about Brittany’s background, style, and how Armoire ups her work wardrobe game and confidence.

Bossladies, we'd love to share our closet with you.


Her Story


I grew up in Northern Maine, in a small farm town where I never really thought much about make up or fashion. My younger sister was always way better at that stuff than I was. I've been moving progressively further south and have settled in Baltimore, Maryland where I live with my husband and our puppy.


I was recently named President of AAWD (American Association of Women Dentists) in addition to being a practicing dentist. Our goal is to be the leading resource for advancing, connecting, and enriching the lives of women dentists.


Continue to serve our members by offering a variety of programs and services that benefit the special needs of the busy woman dentist!


Her Style

What’s your style?

I have no idea, but with the help of Armoire I'm figuring that out...

What’s your favorite part about Armoire?

I love the clothes of course! It has been super fun to try new styles without committing to owning them or paying high prices. I'm constantly surprised by what I'm liking and wearing in comparison to before my subscription.

How has Armoire benefited your work life as a dentist?

I now have an unlimited work wardrobe! I typically wear black jeans and a top to work - I found I was getting tired of my normal rotation (about 8 tops) and didn't feel great in what I was wearing. Now I feel awesome and much more confident because of Armoire and my unlimited closet. As president of AAWD I attend numerous events which I have to speak at and represent our organization and Armoire has helped me with clothes for those occasions as well. It's nice to know that you can be fashionable but still professional and appropriately dressed :)   

What are some of your favorite Armoire pieces?

I love some of the faux fur fluffy vests - this is something I never would have tried on in a store but I'm obsessed. The best part about the clothes is the quality and the fit - it's hard to pick out specific items when I love them all!


What’s your get sh*t done mode? 

I feel like I'm ALWAYS in this mode - being a practicing dentist, wife, President of the American Association of Women Dentists, etc makes for a busy life so I'm always go, go, go!! I'm most productive early before anyone else is up in my house in the morning thanks to coffee, of course!

Who’s your boss lady inspiration? 

I have SO many!! The past presidents of AAWD have been awesome mentors and I'm so thankful for their leadership and guidance!

Her Advice

What would you tell other dentists about Armoire?

You have nothing to lose by trying it! This has been a great way for me to be more adventurous with fashion and I'm loving it!

What do you tell other boss ladies? 

Don't be afraid to be yourself. Your gut feeling is rarely wrong so trust yourself and you will be successful!