Member Spotlight: Cyn Tee

As part of the #ArmoireForAll campaign, we interviewed Armoire member Cyn Tee. Read on to learn about her background, her style and what she's wearing.

Female founders and CEO's, we'd love to share our closet with you.


Her Story

Past. Over 20 years of product management leadership spanning operating systems, apps, and cloud services. Executive Director at Ada Developers Academy, helping women and gender-diverse people become software engineers.

Present. Senior Director of Engineering at Nordstrom. Constantly combining her passion for creating with championing diversity as an Ally Skills Workshop trainer, and advisor for Seattle Women in Tech and Un-Loop. Avid Aerialista on the aerial hoop, silks, and pole.

Future. Continue to lead in fashion tech and champion diversity and inclusion. Maybe found a nonprofit dance studio, maybe teach full time, who knows!


What's a passion project you keep putting off?

I love aerial arts and pole dancing - I discovered them 5 years ago. Aerial and pole have given me therapy, confidence, and strength. I became comfortable in my own skin and body movement. I discovered creativity I never thought I had. Through dance, I found an amazing community of women - we bring each other up through our love of dancing in the air. I started teaching aerial and pole 3 years ago and love it.

My passion project is to make these forms of dance and movement more accessible to women who want to heal, find community in movement, can't normally afford it, or never thought of themselves as dancers. You don't have to be a former dancer or a specific body type to move beautifully.

How do Armoire's personalized recommendations help you?

Armoire's recommendations bring me clothes I otherwise never would have found. Clothes always look different on display or when they are modeled by someone else. It's such a fun experience to have a stylist, who has taken the time to understand my preferences for fit, come up with pieces that delight and surprise me.

She also pushes me beyond my normal wardrobe tendencies - and I love that. I've come to realize I don't often get so attached to clothing that I have to actually buy them - renting is more practical and allows me to try on more looks. With Armoire's recommendations, I get to explore a lot more styles than I normally would and I walk away with fun clothes to wear. So much more fun than traditional shopping!


Where do you see the fashion industry going?

I love how there are a growing number of fashion startups exploring various ways of bringing more varied styles into our lives. Through online styling, renting, subscription services, targeted marketing, and new ways of personalizing, customizing, and manufacturing clothing, it's becoming easier to expand your wardrobe choices and discover clothing you never would have found at retail.

Technologies like machine-learning algorithms make it easier to personalize clothes based on your preferences, history, and others like you. Streamlined operations for delivery make it a no-brainer to try on new things, keep what you want, exchange or return what you don't want. I hardly ever walk into a store anymore. Why do that, when you can get recommendations and try on clothes any time you want, with a glass of wine?


Her Closet


Diane Von Furstenberg Mixed Print Asymmetrical Cap Sleeve Tunic

Cyn says:

I love the pattern, the way this falls, and the tie that cinches at the back.

Other women add:

So beautiful and captivating. 

I got lots of compliments on this- loved it!



Joie Long Sleeve Printed Silk Blouse

Cyn says:

Liked the pattern and material, which was super soft and comfortable. This is a good layering piece and can stand alone in this weather too, indoors.

Other women add:

Soft material, so cute!



Alice + Olivia Long Sleeve Paisley Print Blouse

Cyn says:

I really enjoyed this blouse! The print and the tie puts an added edge to it that I liked