Kaitlin Leslie: A peek into the life of a fashion intern

Katelyn Intern

Meet: Kaitlin Leslie
Profession: Fashion Intern
Where: Armoire

Choose a job you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.
— Confucius

This popular quote from Confucius is something we all aspire to achieve. And Kaitlin Leslie is no different. She's always known working in fashion would be her dream job. And she was determined to make it happen. As a Seattle native, she was aware that the city isn't exactly considered a fashion capital. So she left and spent several months in France learning all about the essence of the French woman's style, how they have that certain je ne sais quoi, and observing what makes them so chic.

KaitlinLeslie Intern

That's when she decided a "sensible" career simply wasn't for her.

At only 21 years old, she's already paving her own path for success. Joining the Armoire team as an intern just a few weeks ago, she's putting her passion for styling and clothes to good use— and learning invaluable lessons along the way. So we grabbed Kaitlin for a quick chat about what she's doing to create a career she loves.

How she landed an Armoire gig…

"When I was living in France, I decided I want to do something I actually enjoy. So I made a plan to come back to Seattle, find a relevant internship and gain experience in the field moving forward. The fashion industry in Seattle isn't that large but I figured I might as well search for internships, though I didn't find a lot. Then I started looking for companies and discovered Armoire! They didn't have any postings for an internship opening but I emailed Ambika [Armoire's CEO] anyways asking if they needed an intern, explaining my interest in fashion and inquiring how I could help out. She invited me to come meet the team and here I am!"

Why intern?

"In today's world, you really need to intern at companies because there's so much competition to be hired for a full time position. If you don't have that experience, you're not going to be able to compete with other people. Also, you gain invaluable experience in learning how you can fit in as part of the company, your strengths and weaknesses, what you should be doing and pursuing in the future, what type of position might be your best fit. It's good for you, it's good for the company, it's a win-win situation!

Every piece of the puzzle in the company is important and helps everything fit and come together.

KaitlineLeslie Gold Dress and Jean Jacket

Biggest lesson learned so far?

"Every piece of the puzzle in the company is important and helps everything fit and come together. Even when you're just an intern, the part that you play is still important and helps in significant ways."

Tips for students looking to intern?

"Literally search everywhere and send emails to all the people you can. Just reach out to people, you never know where it might take you. I know that people are so busy all the time, they're not always going to post job openings but they always need help. And if you do intern, don’t get your expectations super high. Sometimes you'll be let down, sometimes you won't be doing the most glamorous thing but reach out and do whatever you can now and in the future. You'll have that experience to build on."

My power piece…

"It changes all the time but right now, I love these pants I bought from the Sandro store in Paris which bring back a lot of memories of my time in France.. It was my favorite store and I bought them the last week I was there. They're a light wash, thick denim with crazy embroidery of flames down the sides. People say they're crazy pants but I love them, they're so fun and cool!"

10 minutes…

"I'll start chatting with people and asking them about their life. I love learning about people! Or I'll go on Man Repeller, I love them!"

Bosslady inspiration…

"Emma Watson for sure. She stands up for sustainable fashion and uses her platform to better the world."

Kaitlin brings an upbeat, passionate, and "can-do" attitude into the office everyday, and the Armoire team is so lucky to have her as part of "The Army" this summer.

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