Styling Your Bump For Less With Luen Tanner


Her Story

I started renting clothes a couple of years ago on Earth Day as a commitment to myself to try to counter the fast fashion industry. When I started renting, I was also in a leadership role at a marketing agency but found myself in a clothing rut, wearing the same old clothing and buying cheap sale clothing from companies that I know aren’t sustainable. I didn’t feel confident in my appearance. When I started renting with Armoire, I really loved the idea of supporting a local women owned small business and after drooling over the clothing at a pop up, I couldn’t stop myself from going home with the goods.


Grey Dress (2).jpg

Her Maternity Style

I became pregnant with my second baby and got really big really quickly, and found myself needing maternity specific clothing very early in my pregnancy. I tried to wear larger sizes and “flowy clothes,” but found most of it unflattering. I went to Armoire for a styling session as soon as I could, particularly for a few weddings I needed dresses for. I concurrently tried another maternity rental company but found the selection really limited, and the styles I wanted were never available. Because Armoire is local for me in Seattle, picking up and dropping off my cases is also really quick turnaround.

I’ve always been somewhat adventurous and think my style changes depending on my mood. Some days I feel preppy, some days edgy, artsy, bohemian and sometimes I’m all business at work. It’s awesome to be able to wear all of these styles. My style has evolved so that I now like to invest in classic simple pieces from select designers when it comes to buying clothes. There have definitely been some of these that I’ve purchased from Armoire after renting them and not being able to part with the items.

Why She Rents

Being able to return clothing that I’ve tried out has been a savior for my style and wallet. I get to try on so many trendy items without commitment, but with brands that are really high quality so I always feel confident and stylish. I love when my husband sees something I’ve rented and says “that’s a keeper!”

I’ve definitely recommended Armoire to no less than 10 friends over the course of the last year or two. The ability to wear designer clothing, have dry cleaning paid for, and feel awesome supporting local business and not feeding into the fast fashion industry makes the monthly subscription so worth it to me. It’s literally less than the cost of one designer item a month.

Her Favorite Armoire Pieces

I loved the LACAUSA maxi dress that was SO incredibly comfortable during the warmest part of summer, and when I was at my hugest! It was so comfy that I literally could have slept in it. I also wore a gorgeous coral Nicole Miller dress to my brother’s wedding that was really flattering; I got showered with compliments. Earlier in my pregnancy I wore a really pretty Marchesa Rose sleeveless blouse that was so cute. And there was also that grey bubble sleeve dress that I wore to a work conference that was super comfy with booties. Oh, and there was the Yumi Kim maxi cross over dress that I just loved, but was actually too long for a shorty like me so while I loved it and wore it a few times, I was also glad to return it since I was tripping over myself all the time. Pictures are all attached, I don’t think I posted all of these.

The Benefits

Armoire maternity was a life saver. I was literally a different size every 2 weeks, and kept outgrowing things, even the few maternity pants that I had invested in were tight by the end of my pregnancy. I kept the stylists updated on my increasing sizes each week and got to wear some incredibly cute boutique brands that I had never heard of.

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Her Pregnancy Advice

Show off that tummy! There are few times in your life when you can feel not self-conscious about having a big belly hang out there in plain sight so rock those tight tops, crop tops, and bare bellies as much as you can unapologetically!

Be comfortable, it’s your right during this time. There were times I wore things that made me straight up angry because they were too tight on the tummy or in the legs that I couldn’t wait to rip off when I got home. Something I wouldn’t do again! With Armoire there are so many cozy options that are still ultra-cute.

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