Let Your Personal Style Shine

Being in a creative profession sure has its perks- the chief among them being no strict dress codes at work! For instances where there is a dress code, I think a bit of creativity goes a long way. Lawyer, entrepreneur, teacher or any other profession - you can still achieve that elusive combination of corporate sharp and engaging personal style. You’re in these clothes more than one-third of your day, so might as well own ‘em!

Armoire gives me the opportunity to experiment with my look, and you can too. The best part is that your looks are completely customized to your fit and style. It’s literally like skipping the rush at the mall, long trial room sessions and jumping directly to a bag of lovely, well-fitting clothes. Woo-hoo! Take your style quiz here to let your favorite clothes find you!


Here’s how to incorporate your personal style into your everyday workwear…



The Balancing Act

Even if your office has a dress code, you can always work within it! Your overall work look has to be inspired by your personal style. Start with what you naturally gravitate to. An easy way is to wear interesting blouses. You can always wear fun, retro-printed or bright colored blouses under blazers. In fact, an unconventional crop top or a unique blouse is a great way to break up the monotony of regular office suits. If you’re a dress girl, you can always slip on a pair up leggings under your favorite dress, and make it work.


Find Your Fashion Uniform

What do Vera Wang, Steve Jobs and Anna Wintour have in common? A daily uniform. Yes, a sort of formulaic outfit that fits them perfectly and complements their personalities! A uniform is not limited to the Zuckerbergs and Musks of the techie brigade. Diane Von Furstenberg, one of my favorite designers of all time, has her famous uniform of printed tunics and tasteful jewellery, mostly gold hoops. My own uniform is a nice wrap top with skinny jeans. To find yours, take stock of the four looks that you love wearing the most, and take it from there. If you love structured clothes, it could be a fun dress with a sharp blazer. Want a chic uniform that works for you? Set up an appointment with a personal stylist at Armoire here. You could even bring a friend and make it a little party with a complete styling session over champagne!


Have a Signature Item

Last but not the least, have one signature aspect to your look. This has to be quintessentially you. It could be side-bangs that frame your face to bring out your best features. If your style is bold and classic, it could be something as simple as a red lipstick. If you have a spirited and unconventional take on personal style - it could be a piece of jewelry that you strongly identify with. So go ahead and make that amethyst pendant a part of your everyday look. It could be even be a signature scent that you feel is you - whimsical lavender notes or musky vanilla. Wear it everyday!


Have fun, Bossladies. And let me know what you’ve been up to by tagging @armoire.for.all on Instagram!