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Step one

Tell us about your style.

Complete your style profile so we can learn your unique preferences. With just a few questions about what you like and dislike, you'll be on your way to personalized style recommendations.


Step two

View your personalized closet.

Our stylists, with a little help from our algorithms, build you a closet that fits your style and fit preferences. No stripes, no problem.


Step three

Select your clothes.

Personalized options make finding clothes manageable and — gasp — enjoyable. Pick your favorites. Those 4 pieces will be shipped right to your door.

Don’t worry, we pick up the postage bill.


Step four

Swap whenever.

Enjoy your clothes as long as you want. When you’re ready for new items, simply review the ones you've been wearing. Drop your case at any USPS pick-up (mailroom, building, etc) using our pre-paid envelope. No need to wait — our team will immediately prepare a new closet for you to choose from.

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